Welcome to victorygardens.green

A historical nod for modern resilient living


The Victory Garden Project, established in 2009, is a Food Initiative of the Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (FBSC).

Mission: to broadcast the story of the victory garden as a model for self sufficiency and resilience.  

Vision: To connect and the shared and evolved knowledge of victory gardens everywhere. 

Food sustains every living being on the planet.  Food gives us nutrients for vitality, connects to the Earth, and to each other.  The victory garden historic process of choosing the required vegetables for daily nutrient value, growing techniques, harvesting, cooking and storing gives us the pleasure of enjoying the delicious, nutritious, homegrown bounty. 

The Victory Garden Model is proven historical campaign that engaged local residents on many fronts: growing food for nutrition, rationing, entrepreneurship, resilience, purposefulness, community celebration.  It is as relevant today as it was when it first began in World War One.

With the environmental issue of climate change, cost of food, and most importantly, the need for growing food at the local level: in your own front and backyards, build resiience, healthy eating and food 


Today, with the increase in food and health related issues, the victory garden can play a pivotal role in encouraging people to grow and eat more fresh & nutritious fruits and vegetables. This site is nod to the past, grasping the knowledge and proven viability of the victory garden – a modern renaissance of a sustainable, community engaged and healthy style of living. 

Who we are

We are a group of individuals who are growing food in our gardens – victory gardens. After many years of learning from planting vegetables in our own backyards, front yards, starting community & allotment gardens and eventually recreating both a World War One and World War Two authentic victory gardens.

The Victory Garden project was started officially in 2009 to address the increase in the need to grow food in neighbourhoods, with more green efforts and to teach community members how to grow vegetables in their yards.

The Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (FBSC) took a leading role to encourage the City to adopt community gardens to encourage the development of a local food system.  This resulted in starting Windfields Community Gardens, a 10 acre parcel of land donated for growing food.  The land was divided into two distinct projects, one for gardeners and one for a Teaching Garden.  The evolved knowledge for the last six years have led to the creation the Victory Garden.green to promote the model and to showcase victory garden and food projects all over the world.  The site will serve as a learning tool for gardeners and foodies.


We are pleased to participate in the Green Leaders Program to support the green movement and in the spirit of collaboration we endeavour to do our part in the preservation and respect of the Earth.

Take a look at this video was produce as a guide for planting a victory garden.