Windfields Community & Teaching Gardens

A Community of allotment gardeners


Growing your own food contributes to living healthier and greening the planet.

In 2009, FBSC initiated its food program with an enthusiastic approach, inviting the community to grow their own food and taste the difference of freshly harvested vegetables.  After the initial excitement, it became quite evident that basic horticulture skills needed to be enhanced, or introduced.  This lead us to offer educational events, such as a inviting gardeners to talk about their own experiences, and experts to give guidance for growing.  One very successful event was the Vintage Tea Party, where guests had to go and gather herbs from the Tea Garden (one of the plots in the Teaching Garden) and make their own tea.  Tea herbs ranged from 10 types of mints to a potted Jasmine.  The follow up  was to get more information about the herb, to start the process of  sharing information and experiences, while enjoying the harvest together.

Below, are the 2009 pictures from field to fork.  These are the pictures of Windfields Community Gardens, a 10 acre parcel included approximately 5 acres used for community gardeners and 5 acres for the Teaching Gardens.  There were 37 community garden plots and 20 teaching garden plots.  Initially, the produce was donated to Simcoe Settlement House, and later to newly formed Regional Food Bank, Feed the Need for greater distribution throughout the all communities!  Every year we donate more than 1600 pounds fresh vegetables to the local food bank, the Royal Canadian Legion and places of faith involved in feeding the hungry.

Our philosophy is to encourage local residents to come and learn how to grow vegetables at the community garden and to think about integrating food in their home gardens.

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