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When it comes to gardening, there is so much to learn from each other.  One example I learn over the years, the companion gardening technique of planting garlic around rose bushes.  I love garlic in my food and I use rose for tea, decoration and potpouri.  This technique reduced the aphids while increasing the blossoms of roses.  I also used wood chips and pots of chives.

One aspect that is helpful is to tell us where you are growing and how you are using your harvests.

When we share with each other we learn from a magniificent oasis of wisdom, while making connections to real people who have learnt through doing and care enough to let others use their experiences, that’s building community. Sharing gardening stories inspires and helps others who are also passionate about growing their own fruits and vegetables.   Topics such as:

– planting techniques

–  saving water

– types of containers

– support frames,

– pollinators & bugs

– equipment

– materials

– saving seeds

– pruning

– organic & natural growing techniques

– traditional vegetables

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