Planting seeds basics

 Growing your own food is pure satisfaction for fresher, tastier and enjoyable dining.

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One of the ways to grow your own foods is to plant seeds and a little organization can help to make it fun and easier to maximize the planting seed experience.  Feel free to share your tips.

Here some tips:

  • I washed the trays in soap and water and rinse well, a few day before starting to plant the seeds. Other suggestions can be found here
  • Create a space for the planting, I used a table with some plastic for easy cleaning up;
  • Materials and supplies ready for planting- trays, seeds, labelling sticks, permanent marker, soil mixture, water, and cleanup cloths;
  • Read the instructions on the seed packages before planting, as each variety have different needs;
  • Depending on the amount of seeds, schedule a couple of hours for planting.

How deep and how far


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The general rule for planting is one and half times the width of the seeds

 It is better to plant more than less. When planting in trays, I usually put more than one seed in the compartment, especially if they are my own seeds saved from the previous year. If it’s in the ground (after the last frost in Ontario), I tend to plant them a little closer together than the recommended distance, so if all of the seeds don’t sprout, there is enough plants to thin out to easily fill in the bare spots.

The victory garden is about self sufficiency and doing it yourself. Start growing your own food, you’ll love it.

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