What’s the Latin name

How is your latin

While reading horticulture labels, I became aware that learning the Latin name of a plant might be a good idea. Although it’s not a common language in today’s society, Latin is still used in the horticulture sector, so learning some basic names can help us identify and take better care of them.

With a Latin or botanical name, information about a particular plant that can distinguishes it from another plant. The Latin name helps to describe it.  I went looking for websites with horticultural and garden info, specifically sites with Latin plant names, when I happened on BBC Gardening site with a game. I played it.  What is interesting and was quite revealing how much you can deduct from the hints that are given.  Take a chance with this fun game challenge.  To start, click on play game and if you quickly hover over the plant and it will give you hints to help you to identify it from the list. Amuse yourself. Let us know how you did. Click on the link below.



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