Creating a food space

How delicious is fresh beans, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers or tomatoes? Sumptuous. Nutritious. 


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Creating a victory garden for today’s modern society is easy because it can take many forms, such as pots, unused space, and buckets.  One of the biggest decision is to plant something.  When designing a home victory garden, think about the overall look: colour; structures; perhaps a theme, shape and size are a few of the considerations.  Be mindful that most vegetables require at least 6 hours of sunlight.

If you already have a flower garden, perhaps a few potted vegetables placed, or space between flowers, being mindful for the sunlight, water and soil conditions. Other considerations: time and budget.  There is no gain if you spend money to buy seeds, without the time to maintain the plants and enjoy the harvest. If time is an issue, you can become a member of a CSA, or support your local farmers market.

The goal is to plant what you have the time to maintain.


Other ideas for planting:

Use pots, trellises, fences, bare spots, table, chairs, and even old iron beds to create interest, wonder and inspiration. An old ladder with pots, boots, tools can also serve as a trellis for beans, or tomatoes or both. Plant Marigolds to keep rabbits away.

You can also add herbs, and edible flowers around fruit trees, berry bushes in the ground or in pots for a different look.

Phot credit: the Microgardener via Flickr

Phot credit: the Microgardener via Flickr

Designing a space for food is as individual as the person designing or using it.  It doesn’t matter about the size, what matters is planting something. By looking around your garden, you can find a spot ot two for planting food.

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