Growing food in pots & containers

Pea, Peas-in-a-Pot

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Food gardens of any size can be part of a aesthetically pleasing design.  The traditional approach of a victory garden is to grow what you can maintain, which also take your time in consideration.  A modern victory garden is about how we experience the growing and nurturing from seeding to harvesting.
Using pots and  lots of different types of containers can really beautify your victory garden.  Different pots and containers with different plants can give a garden a look of simple abundance.  A victory garden is all about garden design that fit your lifestyle and customize a look for you while enabling you to grow food.  Here are some ideas for growing edible herbs, in decorative vases and large flowerpots.
wood boxes for vegetable garden design

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small garden design with willow baskets and sandy paths

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wooden boxes garden design

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decorative vases for growing edible herbs, small garden design ideas

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Some reasons to consider pots and other containers:

1) You can place them in bare spots and move them around as the garden become more lush;

2) The containers can add interest;

3) Designing the look of a container is manageable;

4) Can be elevated with a stand or wall for easier maintenance; and

5) Grouped together to create a beautiful effect

Using containers for gardening is flexible and convenient, alllowing you to use different types of containers, large and small, old and vintage, wooden and metal.  Containers can help you learn and beautify you home victory garden.

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