Extending the growing season: Greenhouse

DIY Greenhouse Project: A community collaboration

A greenhouse can extend the growing season to eat the freshly picked harvest. One of the advantages of a greenhouse (the one in the picture is for the victory garden) is the ability to grow more to  and use for preserving/canning  in season and to grow m

The greenhouse was constructed in the Fall of 2012 at the Canadian Victory Garden. The greenhouse was a collaboration between the Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (FBSC) and Meals Exchange at Durham Chapter, lead by Michael Watson.


April 2014

Bricks from the old Guy farmhouse was repurposed as a herb garden in the summer of 2014


Canadian victory garden herb garden

April 2015

swiss chard, kale, snow peas, green beans, cucumber, squash, spinach, peas, yellow beans, carrots, okra, marigolds

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