Earth Day 2015

       From local solution to global showcase

CVG retreat ED2015


The Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (FBSC) have been organizing Earth Day events since 2004. Focussing on education to promote local food, conservation, repurposing and actions, activities include quizzes, waste reduction, competitions, energy & water conservation and planting seeds. To address such a wide range of activities and solutions, FBSC partners with diverse individuals, organization and businesses, including; the Oshawa Centre, Ontario Power Generation, University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

The activities are specifically design to promote education, fun and ease of action. A good example is the annual hands on children’s vegetable seed planting event to promote growing your own food and creating educational insights of the wonder and power of nature is definitely one of fun and inspiration.

Earth Day 2015  

From local solution

This year is the UN International Year of Light, and in celebration of Earth Day and Climate Change Week, and supporting women in engineering, FBSC is hosting an off grid brainstorming weekend to solve the need for electricity for the greenhouse located at the Canadian Victory Gardens. The task of the brainstorming session is provide a conceptual engineering solution that will provide lighting, heating and pumping water to grow food for longer periods. The 2 day retreat will start with students on a field trip to the garden, a session at the University to define the challenge and breakout sessions to brainstorm and conceptualize a design. The designs will be presented the next day.

The project is organized by the Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (FBSC) and facilitated by Percy Butch Shadwell, IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge Chair. Mr Shadwell will facilitate the event by taking the design team through an onsite tour, detailing the process of troubleshooting a prototype design leading to implementation.

The design team are from the local Women in Engineering Chapter lead by current President Miral Chauhan

The project will be documented to be shared as Open Source designs for any organizations or community. Additionally, this is an invaluable experience for the Women In Engineering students.

Global Showcase Project

The Off Grid Engagement Project will be the community showcase project at the International Humanitarian Technology Conference being held in Ottawa, Canada as a UN International Year of Light activity

The Greenhouse Brainstorming Weekend

The Earth Day event will involve twenty (20) Energy Students who will assess the energy and water requirements of the urban farm and systematically determine the energy loads for the greenhouse in order to design a suitable Open Source solution that could be replicated anywhere in the world that lacks electrification. Butch Shadwell, IEEE member the key facilitator from Jacksonville Beach, Florida is generously providing his time and experience to lead the project. He has led teams in Kenya and Nicaragua to create 1 Kw systems that combine wind and solar to produce adequate renewable energy to help local communities light their homes, power pumps, charge their cell phones and more

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